The best things about flower bulbs

Flower bulbs; what are the best things about them? Now that it is the perfect timing to plant the flower bulbs again, we are happy to explain what is so great about flower bulbs.

There are two types of flower bulbs, for the spring and for the summer. You plant the spring flowering bulbs in the autumn and the summer flowering bulbs after the last frost. Read more about the difference between spring and summer bloomers here. In this blog we will tell you why it is so much fun to plant flower bulbs.

# 1. Relax while planting

Nature is the perfect place to completely clear your head. And as soon as the flower bulbs are in full bloom, we are sure that you will relax and be happy with the beautiful view of the colorful bloomers in the garden or on the balcony!

# 2. A nice (family) moment

Many people see it as a tradition; preparing the garden for the next season. Extra fun to do this together with someone, for example with a family member or a friend.

# 3. Available in many shapes and colors

Of course, in addition to planting, you can also view the flower bulb assortment for spring or summer together. You can choose from a specific color or a specific type, but a mix of everything is also a great idea! So… Are you going this year for a red, yellow, orange or blue garden or a true color spectacle of all kinds of colors?

# 4. Quick and easy

Planting flower bulbs is not that difficult at all and it does not take that much time. And what is more fun than that after a short time spent planting flower bulbs you can enjoy the flowers for months? If you want to read more tips about planting flower bulbs, you can read it in our blog!

# 5. Enjoy months

When you choose flower bulbs with different flowering times, you can enjoy a colorful garden for months. There are early and late spring bloomers. As soon as spring is over, you can prepare the garden for summer, so that you can enjoy a color spectacle even in summer!

# 6. Suitable for almost any spot

Where do you still have a bare spot in the garden? Or have you just bought new pots for the balcony? Fill these spots with flower bulbs! There are many flower bulbs suitable for planting in pots, but of course also in the border or in the garden.

Have we convinced you with the best things about flower bulbs? Then take a look at our range and enjoy a beautiful garden next spring and summer!