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Lasagna planting

Lasagna planting is also called double decker bulb planting. These names derive from the manner of planting (in layers) of the bulbs in a pot or in your garden. This planting method has the great advantage that, by combining flower bulbs with different flowering periods, you can enjoy flowering flower bulbs in one place throughout the spring. This not only brightens up your garden or terrace, but also your balcony!


What do you need?

  • A nice deep pot (preferably one with a drainage hole) or a nice place in your garden 
  • Hydro granules or potsherds
  • 2 or 3 types of flower bulbs with different flowering periods (more is also allowed)
  • Potting soil or garden soil
  • A scoop

 For lasagna planting in the garden you do not need hydro grains or potsherds.



Step 1

Place a layer of hydro granules or potsherds at the bottom of the pot over the drainage hole. This allows the water to drain, but not the potting soil, and the flower bulbs will not rot.

Step 2

Choose 2 or 3 types of flower bulbs that bloom at different times. Combine early bloomers with mid and late bloomers for best effect. For example, anemones and crocuses bloom early, while daffodils and hyacinths bloom a little later, and tulips even later. You can also use more than 3 types, but make sure your pot is large and deep enough. 

Step 3

Place a layer of potting soil on the hydro grains or potsherds and plant the first layer of flower bulbs. Cover the first layer with about 3 cm of potting soil and plant the next layer of flower bulbs. Repeat until you have planted all the bulbs and cover the last layer of bulbs with 5 cm of potting soil or, for larger bulbs, a layer twice the height of the bulb. When planting, take into account the flowering periods of the flower bulbs. You plant the late bloomers first and finish with the early bloomers.

Step 4

Enjoy a beautiful colour festival on your balcony, terrace or garden in the spring, week after week.

For lasagna planting in the garden, you can skip step 1 and the hydro granules or potsherds.




  • Plant winter violets on top of the bulbs for instant colour effect. The violets also provide protection to the flower bulbs in frost.
  • Choose a mix of a lot of colour for a real colour explosion or if you prefer peace, everything in the same colour.
  • If you have several pots with flower bulbs, put them together in winter in a sheltered place for extra protection.
  • If it stays dry for a long time, water your bulbs occasionally.


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  • Excellent

    Love the idea of this lasagna method. I will surely try this. I've been buying bulbs from you since I came back from Germany, 2015, visiting the Keukenhof twice. Love it! Love the bulbs because they are huge not like the one you can buy here in the states. Though some got rotten maybe because of shipping, so far everything it good!! Just got problems with deer and squirrel who loves to eat the tulips. Other than that, my tulips are all very good and beautiful. Thank you and I will continue to buy from you,