6 tips for pruning dahlias for more beautiful and lush flowers

The dahlia is a beautiful summer bloomer that provides a stunning display of colour in the garden. To ensure that it can unfold its full flowering glory, it is important to prune it regularly. Pruning dahlias offers many benefits to the plant such as promoting healthy growth until the first frost and extra lush growth. In this blog post we will give you 6 tips for abundant dahlia flowering. 

1. Use clean and sharp garden tools

Before you start cutting dahlias, make sure your secateurs or knives are clean and sharp. Using dull or dirty tools can injure the plant and promote disease. Clean and / or sharpen your tools to ensure optimum hygiene.

2. Prune dahlias in the first stage of growth

Prune dahlias in the first growth phase, as soon as two to three pairs of leaves have formed. Cut off the tips. This stimulates the branching of the plant and leads to stronger growth, more stems and more flowers. By removing the flower buds, the energy of the dahlia is shifted to the side shoots. 

3. Remove not only the flower but also the stem

When cutting dahlias, you should not only cut off the wilted flower, but also shorten the stem to a new leaf or the first bud. This will stimulate the plant to form new inflorescences and promote healthy development. By removing wilting flowers, you save the flower from spending unnecessary energy on maintaining the fading flower. Instead, the dahlia tuber can invest all its energy in the growth of new buds. 

4. Choose the right time to cut dahlias

Ideally, you should cut your dahlias in the morning or evening, as water loss is lowest at these times of day. However, do not wait too long before pruning, as overripe flowers will form seeds and prevent new buds from growing. Therefore, pay close attention to the condition of the flower and cut it off in time.

5. Use the withered flowers as fertilizer

You can use the withered flowers to fertilize your garden soil! To do this, finely cut old flowers loose stems and leaves and use them as fertilize the bottom of the dahlia. This returns nutrients to the soil and ensures good soil quality.

6. Cut dahlias early for the vase

Cutting the dahlia flowers with stems before they have wilted is a great way to use the plants as cut flowers in the vase. Many dahlia varieties can be kept in the vase for about 5-8 days and will also bring joy indoors. Cut the stem at an angle and place the cut dahlias in water to preserve their beauty even longer.

Cutting wilted dahlias is an important gardening task that will pay off! If you follow our 6 tips, you are guaranteed abundant dahlia blooms in summer, autumn and right up to the first frost!