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Growth and flowering guarantee

Which guarantee is applied per product? 

Our green products, such as our summer and spring flowering bulbs and perennials, have been grown with the utmost care and are of excellent quality. In order to obtain the desired end result, it is important that the instructions on our site and / or the accompanying (plant) instructions are followed. 

Given that we work with a natural product, something can always go wrong, whether with us, on the road with the courier or in your garden. You don't have to worry, you are assured of our 100% growth and flowering guarantee. 

The legal warranty applies to all items that you purchase from us. A legal guarantee means that a product is or must do what the consumer can reasonably expect from it, in the case of green products this means growing. Your online order confirmation is also your guarantee certificate. 

If you notice something might be wrong with the plant or bulb or if the growth is disappointing, we expect you to contact us immediately. To claim the growth and flowering guarantee for spring flowering bulbs, you must report in writing as soon as the situation is observed, but no later than June 1; among other things, in view of the possibility of supplying relevant photos and possible solutions. To claim the warranty for summer flowering bulbs and hardy perennials, you must report no later than October 1.

This is best done by e-mail at stating your order number. In order to properly assess the situation and to prevent a recurrence, it is important that you give us a short description and send a few photos of the plant / bulb and the plant location. If the claim under our warranty is justified, we will resolve it as soon as possible. For example, you will receive a new product from us for free and without shipping costs.

Up to 1 year growth and flowering guarantee:

  • On all hardy perennials you receive a one year growth and flowering guarantee until the end of the first flowering period of the product.
  • Spring flowering bulbs: 1 growing season from start of delivery until May 31 the following year
  • Summer flowering bulbs: 1 growing season from start of delivery until October 1 of the same year
  • Amaryllis: given the nature of this product, a one time flowering of 1 to 3 flowering stems with multiple flowers each applies.


Of course we assume normal care, such as sufficient watering, sufficient light and fertilizing in time, neglect of plants is of course not covered.

We have no control on a number of matters and can therefore not lead to warranty claims. These are:

  • Failure to follow planting and care instructions 
  • Damage caused by desiccation or extreme heat.
  • Damage caused by extreme natural violence in the form of hail, extreme rainfall, wind or storm.
  • Dying off or growth failure due to poor soil structure (rootability and drainage).
  • Damage caused by frost after delivery. 
  • Damage caused by pests, game, fungi and improper use of pesticides after delivery.
  • We send the products in the period for planting, damage due to incorrect and / or too long storage instead of planting is not covered by the warranty. 


For the warmer climate zones, as indicated on our website, different warranty conditions apply, in this case please contact our customer service. 

Experience shows that our products often exceed expectations. It is not without reason that our customers have come back to us for additional purchases for years. We are proud of this and appreciate it very much!