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Lasagna planting is also called double decker bulb planting. These names derive from the manner of planting (in layers) of the bulbs in a pot or in your garden.
You may not have noticed yet, but all our flower bulb collections are named after cities where the Olympic Games were once organized. We are going to introduce some of them to you.
The Allium is also known as Ornamental onion. The flower bulb of an Allium is a direct family of the onion, which we know as a vegetable. The bulbs also have the appearance and smell of an onion as you use it in the kitchen.
We are regularly asked People regulary asks us "when is Keukenhof at its best?" or "when is it the best time to go to Keukenhof?".

Answering these questions is not that easy because it also depends on what you want to see.
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