About us

Knowledge and experience, since 1926

QFB Gardening is a sister company of CS Weijers & Zonen BV, the flower bulb wholesaler in the field of special bulbous plants. The company was founded in 1926 by Cees Weijers for growing and breeding dahlias under the name CS Weijers nursery 'Eureka'. After several years the activities were extended with trading in dahlias and special bulb and tuber crops. In 1982 the company was taken over by John Boot - a descendant of the family Weijers - and the company grew as a trading house. In the years after 1982, the company was, therefore, expanded several times, resulting in a modern business complex in 2011. CS Weijers & Zonen BV has already acquired a leading position as a supplier to almost all flower bulb exporters in the flower bulb sector for 90 years. CS Weijers has been associated with Keukenhof for many years as a purveyor to the most beautiful spring park. With Tuberbulb Export, a sister company specialized in export, we opened a store in Keukenhof in 2012 to make spring flowering bulbs and amaryllis bulbs available to consumers from all over Europe and America during the opening period of the park. In 2014 we started a web shop under the name Queen Flowerbulbs to serve the consumer even better. This has resulted in the opening of a second store at Keukenhof in 2017. Since then, we have specialized in selling and delivering the best quality bulbs in Europe, the United States and Canada.

In the meantime, the range has expanded considerably to make even more people happy with beautiful flowers and plants. The year 2020 means a fresh start and we will enter the year as QFB Gardening & More. With an even wider range of bulbs and more in the future we proudly serve consumers worldwide in our web shops www.qfbgardening.nl, www.qfbgardening.de, www.qfbgardening.eu, www.qfbgardening.co.uk and www.qfbgardening.com.


QFB's mission

QFB Gardening wants to make flower bulbs and tubers easily accessible for all gardening enthusiasts. We want to do this simply, quickly and economically so that you can focus on what really counts, the end result in your garden or on your balcony.

We sell our products online, but offer the service of a physical store. With our clear product photos and descriptions you know what you are buying and getting. We offer various simple and safe payment options. Do you have questions about a product or how to plant and care for it? We are available by phone and email to help make your garden a colorful success, or read our blogs with helpful tips and FAQs.

'We make flower bulbs, tubers and perennials easily accessible. That way you can focus on what counts, the end result!'

Quality and expertise at QFB Gardening

We have a wide range of spring and summer bloomers, Amaryllises and perennials. We are constantly expanding our range, so that there is something for everyone! QFB stands for Quality FlowerBulbs, and for good reason. When you buy from QFB Gardening you not only benefit from an extensive range, with us you are also assured of quality! Our know-how and our many years of experience are rooted throughout the company. We offer 100% flowering guarantee, because we want everyone to enjoy a colorful end result. You can expect that the products you receive from us, if you follow the supplied planting instructions, are guaranteed to flower and/or grow. In addition, we always carry the best bulb sizes. This means that you get the largest possible bulb for the best price. Our products are selected with the greatest care and come from the best growers in the region!

"At QFB Gardening you are assured of quality, knowledge and skills."

We love green!

Nature is central to QFB Gardening. So we provide, by selling spring and summer bloomers, an important contribution to biodiversity. A large number of flowers provide nectar for butterflies and bees, almost all year round.

Quality is paramount, which is why we choose to package our products carefully. Where possible, we do this in recycled cardboard and in recycled plastic packaging.

QFB Gardening is a traditional Dutch company and we are proud of that! Located in the heart of the Bollenstreek, almost all our products come from the neighborhood. This way we prevent unnecessary CO2 emissions. Moreover, there are 1785 solar panels installed on the roof of our office and our barns in 2018, which compensate our estimated consumption. The sun is our strength!

"We contribute to biodiversity with our spring and summer bloomers."

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